Frequently Asked Questions

Your health and safety are our priority. We have put in place the following protocols to help keep you safe.

  • Please arrive to your appointment wearing a mask.
  • Upon arrival, sanitize your hands.
  • We have plexiglass installed at our front reception area and our waiting areas are disinfected at frequent intervals.
  • We will ask screening questions and have you fill out a Covid-19 Consent Form.
  • A staff will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer before accompanying you to the treatment room.
  • Prior to treatment, a pre-procedural rinse will be provided. This 30-seconds rinse is to eliminate any viruses residing in mouth.
  • Our clinic team’s PPE consists of gown, surgical caps, masks, eye protection and/or face shields.
  • Before you leave, we will ask you to sanitize your hands and ensure your mask is on.
  • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out new patient forms.
  • There are three parts to your first appointment, a comprehensive examination, cleaning, and treatment planning.
    • Examination: Our dentist will perform a comprehensive exam of your head, neck, teeth, and gums to identify areas that need attention. Upon completion of the clinical exam, we will take x-rays which allow us to identify any issues not visible to the naked eye.
    • Cleaning: Using ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments, we gently remove any hard and soft deposits. This is followed by polishing to remove any stains. The last step is a fluoride varnish to help protect and strengthen your teeth against cavities.
    • Treatment Plan: As part of ensuring your long-term oral health, our dentist will discuss and go over any recommendations to address areas of your mouth that may need attention or treatment.
  • After your treatment, we will send your claim(s) directly to your insurance company. You will only be responsible for the difference that the insurance does not cover.
  • For most people, we recommend having a cleaning and check-up twice a year (every 6 months). However, depending on your specific oral health needs, we may recommend you visit us more often.
If you have any other questions, please contact us at 780-387-5100.

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